Why Unprofessional?

Professionalism is such a tricky word. To some, it means to present oneself in a clinical, all-business manner. To others, it simply means to do something for hire. 

For me, it's somewhere in between. 

One of the biggest battles being fought in the realm of the social sphere is the question of whether one should be allowed to express their personality at work. Tattoos, clothing, degrees and diplomas. What do they all mean? At the end of the day, is it not the work - the end product that was paid for in the first place - by which the individual should be judged?

I confidently and wholeheartedly say "Yes". Thus, I try to demonstrate through my actions that I stand behind that mantra. I'm a little rough around the edges and I like to play off-the-cuff, but regardless of how I may express myself, I want one thing to be clear: my work will speak for itself.

And with that, here I am,

Unprofessionally Professional.



Who Are You Again?

Jake Kivanc


Toronto, ONT.

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