Fyremoji is a photography venture started by four guys that aims to achieve one very simple goal: provide comfortable photoshoots for the average person at a convenient price. 

Okay, maybe that's three goals rolled into one, but that's besides the point. We truly believe in our love for photography and you'll see it in our work. Every photoshoot and minute spent in the editing room is filled with excitement and shouts. When we get the perfect angle, the perfect lighting condition, we both think the same thing: "That's it."

We care about the quality of work we do for clients not just because we're on their dollar, but because we refuse to settle for average. Our hope is that you'll see this reflected in our work and when you meet with us in person.

On this page are some standardized pricing ranges. We encourage all potential clients to contact us so we can set up a consultation to work out price that will fit exactly what you're looking for. At the end of the day, we want our clients to feel like our friends - not pressured to pony up an arm and a leg.

To see portfolios for each of our photographers, refer to the links below:

Jake Kivanc - Instagram

Anders Marshall - Instagram 

Tagwa Moyo - Instagram 

Augustine Ng - Instagram 

Find us on Facebook and Instagram.

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